Our thanks to those who attended our AGM in March. We enjoyed a great keynote speach by Bob Thompson of Remit Consulting on “CRE & The EU Referendum” Access Bob’s Presentation Here

This event was kindly hosted for us by Cushman & Wakefield at their West End offices
Minutes of the AGM will be available soon
We are delighted to confirm the election of our Chair for 2 years – Paul French. We welcome to the committee Nick Booth, Teresa Edmund, Julian Griffith & Roger Parslow Click Here for full list of elected committee.

Paul’s comments:
Jeremy has been an amazing FCRE Chair over the last few years and on the committee for almost a decade. So it is incredibly daunting to step forward to be Chairman in his place. Jeremy has expressed a willingness on a number of occasions to see someone new take over and build on his good work, and I pleased to take on the mantle with his support and that of the committee and of many friends within the Federation who have the well-being of this organisation in their hearts.

I have always been impressed with the ethos and aims of the Federation. It is an excellent forum for discussing topical issues, meeting like-minded professionals and enjoying the odd glass of good wine (or two). All this must remain as important reasons for joining FCRE. In addition, I think it is important the membership grows and encompasses the many diverse sections of our industry, and that we also encourage our clients to participate in our activities at every opportunity. I would like to see the external profile of the Federation enhanced with a particular emphasis on social media and the promotion of our activities through Twitter and Linked In as well as our excellent website. Finally, I want to ensure we appeal to the younger professionals who share our values in challenging out of date concepts, sharing experiences and information and enjoying being part of a fantastically rewarding industry.


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