About the Federation

The Federation of Corporate Real Estate is an independent body established in 2005 to provide Corporates with independent advice on their real estate and associated matters.


In the ever-increasing competitive environment of the corporate world, individuals and companies are being asked to maximise returns and minimise costs. Legislation in Europe and North America has focused many businesses on the objectiveness of the advice they currently receive from their advisors. In the accounting world, clear boundaries between audit and consultancy have been created and the estimated cost of implementing the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) in 2005 is estimated to have cost UK plc’s £2.50bn in fees alone. The Federation of Corporate Real Estate has been formed to provide Corporates with a range of independent skills and experiences to meet this need.

The Federation is an individual rather than Company members’ group drawing its numbers from across a range of professions from real estate, banking, construction and law. Its members must demonstrate a clear commitment to providing independent advice and to have made a contribution to the subject area.

The aim of the Federation is to promote best practice, provide a bridge from the Corporate to the real estate world, to educate, and to raise the general awareness of our members’ skills in the corporate world. Click here to link to our other CRE Education linked activities.
The Federation will:
• Provide thought leadership on issues affecting CRE
• Promote best practice in CRE
• Organise and lead lobbying efforts on behalf of Members and CRE generally
• Act as a voice for CRE
• Commission and publish relevant research
• Act as a catalyst for CRE education
• Enable networking amongst CRE professionals through conferences and other social/learning events.

This website aims to provide you with an easy to understand guide to the Federation and its members. We are a young organisation and welcome your feedback and ideas.


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